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Peet Grobler served as a Sergeant-Major in the former South African Defence Force (SADF), with involvement in the G5/ G6 Cannon Project in Lyttleton Engineering Works*; manager with SATPEN*; founder member of Supreme Technologies*; & later New Generation Ammunition*. It was destined that Mr Grobler would lead NOBLETEQ to become one of the leaders & the biggest privately held producer of re-manufactured ammunition in Africa - Nobleteq Arms & Ammunition.

* Lyttelton Engineering Works - the Heavy Ordinance Arm of DENEL

* SATPEN - a Documentation Sub-contractor to LEW

* Supreme Technologies - Weapons Manufacturer

* New Generation Ammunition - Producer of Arms & Ammunition

We take pride in manufacturing Ammunition:

9mmP 9mm (Short) 5.56mm (.223) .38SP 357 Magnum .45 ACP  | 7.65mm

7.62 x 51mm .40 S & W 12 gauge (Anti-riot double ball)
Specialised Ammunition to customer spec.

We specialise in assembling:

SP1 - 9mmP pistol
SP2 - .40 S&W pistol

A wide and ever changing assortment of pre-used handguns including Astra; Rossi; Beretta; CZ; Taurus; Smith & Wesson and more.

LM – 223 (5.56mm) assault rifle
Bull pup – CR 21 (5.56mm) hand carbine

We also stock pre-used rifles such as Galil; Beretta; Lee Enfield; Vektor H5’s and more.

We stock the best quality and field tested accessories:

Body Armour; Cleaning Kits; Holsters; Eye Protection; Hearing Protection; Personal Protection Kits.
Gun Safes and all hunting or security related needs.


NOBLETEQ’s legacy is built on re-manufactured ammunition with experience built on being part of the first institution to introduce re-manufactured ammunition in 1994 to the South African market, the quality of product is now beyond reproach.

Maintaining the highest quality and producing more than 50,000 rounds per day with state of the art machinery and through a well-trained labour force, remain a daily challenge we are always looking forward to.

NOBLETEQ specialises in reloaded calibres such as 9mmP; .44 Magnum; .40 S&W; .38 SP and 5.56mm amongst other.
Our factory is geared to manufacture almost any caliber ammunition, New and Re-Manufacture, for Civilian, Law enforcement or Military use.

Some of the Brands we support


The South African Police Service (SAPS)
  ● Manufacturing Licence No 246
  ● Licence to Deal in Arms & Ammunition No 100315

The South African Council for the Non-Proliferation

of Weapons of Mass Destruction
  ● Registration No NPC011/151

The Department of Labour - Explosives Licence

The Director of Conventional Arms Control (DCAC)
  ● Conventional Arms Development, Manufacturing and        Service permit (No. 1-14-0001368)

"We aim above the mark

                                       to hit the mark" 

                                                                Ralph Waldo Emerson